Rental of cars, mopeds and scooters

You can for days weeks or monthly rent a vehicle.

Our rental vehicles are properly insured and are regularly maintained.

The minimum age for car rental is 21 years.

  • Very well maintained car with air-conditioning to all super conditions
  • Insurance for mopeds: partial coverage without theft insurance
  • Important Note: A theft insurance in Thailand for moped and motorcycle’s paid only if the vehicles were stolen from the locked garage
  • Insurance for car: Comprehensive insurance with 5000 baht deductible


Price rental Moped:

Scooter 125 ccm full automatic

  • 1 day         200 Baht
  • 1 week    1260 Baht
  • 1 month  3500 Baht

Please notify us if you want a different vehicle.
Please book your vehicle in time by phone, by mail through our contact form or come personally to us over. Phone: 0066-62-4546611


Price rental car:




Note for all drivers:
In Thailand, prevails on the left. Therefore practice before driving on side roads before you move on to the main roads and motorways.
The driving style of the Thai population is sometimes very unconventional and does not meet European driving. Priority rules, red lights, etc., are often simply ignored. Also, you often get cars on your lane against. Always drive carefully and please pay attention to before or behind you moving vehicles.
To be allowed to drive a vehicle in Thailand, you will need an international driving license.
Moped helmet for the unconditional obligation applies. Moped drivers will be checked by the police often like and asked to pay.
Be sure to complete the rental documents always, so that you can show this in the case of damage to the police with it.